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Aug 6th at 9PM / 0 notes

LOVE- red curry chicken from scratch.

baby red onions






chilies (fresh & a pinch of powder)

palm sugar


buzz your paste up- add some drops of coconut milk if its too dry to process ( i used a cuisinart for speed sake, but mortar & pestel is probably preferable) &  taste constantly as you go for balance of flavors

rough chop chicken (or whatever your protein is) & get it searing in a hot wok, add veggies, curry paste & about a can of coconut milk, more or less to taste.

serve with coconut rice

easy short cut- make jasmine rice as per package instructions, with 2/3 water to 1/3 coconut water or canned coconut soda.

Aug 6th at 4PM / 0 notes

the lake. my perfect place.

Aug 6th at 1AM / 2 notes

fig & mozzarella salad

'Should it be legal to eat this well at home?'

a question I need to ask myself often, especially during summer when my front yard and back are bursting with fresh herbs, veg & greens- and our secret little patch of deliciousness is a few minutes drive away to harvest  more fresh produce at will all season long. not to mention the accessibility to the farmers market in St. Norbert combined with my family’s general food love & passion. it all makes for a dangerously delicious mix.

my sister’s going away dinner-

local made spaetzle (from the farmers market haul) meets local smoked bacon & caaraelized onions, fried up in reserved bacon fat.

rainbow chard (also local- in fact, just assume its all local unless I say otherwise) sauteed up with the most perfect baby garlic & butter (so spicy, so sticky, so ridiculously tasty)

new beets roasted in the oven, S&P & olive oil ( maybe I snuck in a basting or two with more of that too-good-to-be-true bacon fat)

a  fresh summer salad with, okay, store bought, nectarines & peaches. sliced fresh giant bocconcini- almost sweet & so milky and fresh with a still soft center…to.die.for. - topped with with teeny tiny baby arugula sprouts from the front yard patch. dressed in lemon juice & manitoba cold pressed canola oil. 

served it all up with my absolute favorite, fresh baked Portuguese water bread. a feast for KINGS McWilliams.

Jul 5th at 9AM / 3 notes

I am a slave to my Sensationail at home shellac-ing ability.

did a regular shellac manicure in Sensationail’s- ‘Blue Yonder’ two coats, top coated, cured & wiped down.

which looked pretty good and everything, but I couldn’t just stop there.

one accent nail crusted with navy gems and micro marbles & another studded in gold… sealed with ‘tough coat’ & hardener.

i find it hard to rain in blingy-ness. 

I AM INTO & ONTO... my new talking mustache, Crest3D advanced vivid whitening toothpaste ( it works!) & Burberry Brit (for life.) 

Jul 5th at 9AM / 3 notes


I died a little inside- Brussels sprouts with pancetta and crispy buttery breadcrumbs I had to fight to get a picture of before they were gone. Watermelon salad (always a fave) with ricotta salata & pine nuts.

and the pizzas, oh.

Fig jam with spicy Genoa salami, Cambozola cheese, fresh arugula

Brussels sprouts, a perfect golden egg yolk, goat cheese crema

San Marzano tomatoes meet crisp capers, mozza di bufala, anchovies, basil

each perfect, each different.  

feeling the foodlove. am I ever not.

LOATHE- this meal being my sisters farewell dinner

Jul 2nd at 10PM / 0 notes

My dad with our family machete.  little did i know.

Jul 2nd at 8PM / 6 notes

New nails- cupcake french mani, ve really been digging super blingy, girly stuff for nail art right now ssoooo- 

Basecoat- OPI first date

2 coats- Rimmel Portobello Pink

1 coat- seche vite “tough coat”

1 coat-beauty secrets top coat & hardener

loose glitter in multiple sizes & colors, rhinestones, instant nail glue

i manicured nails, added basecoat & 2 coats of pink. painted in icing with a teeny tiny round tipped paintbrush & antique white acrylic paint. Glue on individual rhinestones with instant drying glue & added Seche Vite bonding coats, placed big “sprinkle sparkles” and went over the whole lot with AB white fine loose glitter & a fan brush.. good coat of Beauty Secrets & we doonnnnne. 

*sorry pics pre-cleanup

Jul 1st at 10AM / 0 notes

LOVELOVELOVE- ziplining over acres of manitoba farmland, trees & creek- gorgeously perfect summer evening, adrenaline pumping, flying  full force at 60k into an endless prairie sunset with my sister. laughing like fools at the turkeys acting flustered & turkeylike one hundred feet down. barn swallows, more teeny tiny farm kittens & horses grazing below.

life. is. good.

LOATHE LAUGH AT- needing to be rescued by the teenage zipline instructor. minor fail.